To own a valid driver’s license is very important for international students. This is because of the governmental rules where it is mandate for people to have an International Driver’s License from the home country to be able to drive on road.

Let us learn how an international student can apply for a driver’s license.

How to obtain a driving license?

Each state may have its own specific needs, but typically there will be three phases to obtain a license to drive on the road.

  • The first stage is to obtain a learner’s permit
  • The second stage is to get a probationary or provisional license
  • The third stage is to obtain a full (but constrained) driver’s license

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What type of tests is required to pass to secure a driving license?

  • To obtain the learner’s license permit, a majority of states need a candidate to perform a knowledge-based test.
  • Candidates will get a probationary license post completion of various requirements, which includes supervised driving. When you are on the learner’s license (L-plate), it is not legal to drive unsupervised.
  • In some states, it would not require a qualified and authorized driving trainer to supervise you while you are on the learner’s license. Anyone who has a full driver’s license can supervise your driving.
  • After you obtain a probationary license, you can easily drive without any need to drive without supervision. Depending on the state rules, you may need additional requirements in the form of the curfews or display of ‘P-plates’ at the time of driving.
  • Once you get a full yet restricted driver’s license, you will need to adhere to a few conditions that include a limitation on driving speed and zero alcohol content in the blood.

Pre-requisites for an international student to drive in Australia

Each state has a varying set of rules, a series of tests, as well as other requirements. The sole intention is to measure whether you can drive safely and successfully on the road.

If you are an international student who wants to ride their vehicle in this country, then you will need to fulfill the following conditions. These rules apply to both motorcycle and car licenses.

  • Or, you will require a valid driver’s license from the home country with its certified translation
  • You will require all these documents in physical card form, and not as a soft copy stored on your desktop, laptop, or cellphone.
  • It is mandatory to have good English language skills to properly read and comprehend the information signs.
  • If you already have a permanent placement in Australia, then you need to apply for an Australian driver’s permit within three months of the date of arriving. If you have a driver’s permit from the home country, it will not be valid after the initial three months in the country.


Here is how you can obtain a learner’s license for cars as well as motorcycles. On securing license, you are free to enjoy road trips and roam around the country or use it for daily commutation within the country.