There is a constant battle going on between Spotify and Apple Music as to which one is better for the streaming of music. Spotify has taken the early lead in the music market with Apple Music following later. Apple was focused on selling iTunes in the field of digital music marketing. There are however differences between both services.

Music Digi

Musicdigi is the best platform to sell your music with unlimited music available at $39.99 per year. Using the platform is so easy. It allows unlimited loads and you get paid monthly. This platform helps to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google pay, and a hundred other sites.

How does Music Digi work?

The interface is so easy to use that anyone can upload songs on the platform. Some of the steps to follow are:

  • Signing up

Firstly, you are needed to create an account on the platform and it just takes less than 60 seconds to operate and you are logging into your account.

  • Plan your release

Upload any of your cover art or audio files with little information that they ask and you can release the information in a few minutes.

  • Setting price for music

The best part is you can set prices for your music and you can control your pricing. There is no outside party to look after your work.

  • Selecting of stores

You can choose which digital stores you want to upload your music. You can put music on Apple Music easily using Music Digi. It gets released as soon as you put it.

  • Collecting of royalties

You can watch your music appear on the biggest music platforms and you can earn money doing the same. Simply earn money by selling your music. It is that simple.

Difference Between Apple Music And Spotify

Both have monthly plans of $9.99 and a family plan of $14.99. The interfaces are different but offer offline listening as well. You can create your playlists and discover new Music by creating stations based on songs and artists you like.

With Apple Music, the music gets automatically synced to the cloud and it provides high-quality versions on any device. Spotify has a way of adding to the music library and you have to add them to the desktop version. Apple Music helps you in downloading via the iTunes store.

Both are similar but many people still find it perfect to purchase music while many do not support the concept of locking of the monthly fee. Music Digi helps in putting your music in 100+ platforms and you will have 100% ownership of your music. It helps in sending your releases to many digital music stores in about 24 to 72 hours.


Every time someone chooses your music or streams it, you get paid and the amount directly enters into your Music Digi account. You can sell your music in an as low amount of $39 per year. It is easy to monitor all your sales in different stores and territories. With Music Digi everything becomes possible.