Designing a home involves numerous considerations. Lighting is an important element that is often overlooked. It sets the ambiance of the room, makes any space look attractive, warm, and cozy. Illuminating a space isn’t about installing more light sources. It is about the proper placement of right light fixtures that improve the functionality of the space.

Choosing Mid-century modern lighting fixtures:

The lighting fixture styles that were popular between 1945 and 1975 are still a popular choice of lighting by many. It has been more modernized and is a blend of traditional and contemporary. Its classic appeal stands unmatched. It is about minimalistic style, authentic curves, geometric shapes, playful colors, and clean lines.

People are choosier these days when selecting lighting elements and there is an overwhelming amount of choice available. They are available in various styles, shapes, materials, and budgets. The following mid-century modern lighting options would help you perfectly create the look you are aiming for.


Among the different lighting options, chandeliers have been the top choice of ambiance lighting. They radiate a touch of sophistication. You don’t have to worry about them being too traditional. There are numerous subtle modern mid-century options available. If you are looking for chandeliers with the highest quality crystals check out

They are the leading suppliers of chandeliers in the US and China featuring an incredible collection of unique designs at manufacturing prices. They offer free shipping and guarantee the safe delivery of the product. Experiment with any of the following designs mid-century modern designs.

  • Crystal chandelier: Crystal ones serve as a visual focal point and draw the spotlight onto them. The use of decorative crystals creates an ambiance of magical intimacy.
  • Pendant lights: Also known as jewelry lights, they create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. They are generally hung in multiples and installed with diffusers to control the brightness intensity.
  • Sputnik: Named after the first orbiting satellite it has multiple arms containing light bulbs or decorative crystals branching out.

Retro table-lamp: Table lamps used during the mid-century era were versatile and had a diverse look. The modernized versions range from a perfectly rounded base to artistic geometric shapes.

Flush-mount light: This is a dome-shaped fixture with the base extending just below the ceiling. Geometric semi-flush mounts, globe semi-flush, sputnik sphere, sputnik modern linear flush mounts are cool options.

Wall scones: The mid-century modern wall scones follow a minimalistic approach and come in authentic forms and organic shapes. Position it at three-fourths or middle of the wall height for best illumination.

Floor lamps: They come in diverse sizes and shapes. The ones with dramatic arcs create a bold and unique statement and serve as a great source of task lighting. Complement this with mid-century modern table lamps to amplify the decorative appeal.

After installing mid-century modern lighting fixtures, adorn the space with colorful modern décor and add more brown for classic furniture. Install sufficient lighting to make space look more welcoming. Increase the style quotient of your home by making unique lighting fixture choices.