Slate roofs can give you protection from sun, rain, heavy winds and snow. Besides, people are using the slate roofs since several years. These slate roofs can easily last for about 70 to 180 years, and sometimes even more than that. They also don’t require high maintenance unlike the other type of roofs. They are tough and look really beautiful. Slates are available in different colours like black, blue-grey, brick red, grey, deep purple and many more.

What are the different types of slate roofs?

Slate roofs are now available in many varieties. Keep reading to know what they are!

  • Patterned Roofs
  • Standard Roofs
  • Multicoloured Roofs
  • Random Width Roofs
  • Graduated Length Roofs
  • Hang-down Roofs
  • Textural Roofs

Slate Roof Maintenance – What you need to know?

  • Leakages – One common mistake that many people do is that they ignore the small issues like leakage problems. Remember, these small problems can turn into a major problem in future if they are not fixed at the right time. Roof leakages can result in cracks, growth of algae, bad smell and etc. If it is a minor problem then you could choose the roof repair services, but if it is a major problem then it is better to replace your old roof with a new one to keep your family safe.
  • Regular Inspection – Hire a roof inspector for your roof inspection every year to get a detailed analysis about the condition of your roof. Avoid walking on the roof during inspection, rather you could choose a ladder for inspection.
  • Maintenance Check Points – Before doing the exterior check, it is important to check the interior layers of your roof. Take help of a flash light to check if there are any water stains on the roof. You need to do this especially in rainy season to identify if there are any cracks or water stains on roof.

There are so many roofing companies in Australia. However, not all of them provide the same kind of services. Some deliver best services while some may deliver poor roofing services. Some may charge high, while some may charge very less.

Most of the people look at the price first before choosing any services, and this where they are going wrong. It is the service quality which you should look at always while hiring the slate roofing services. Take your time to understand, which roofing companies in your location offers the best services.

Take the help of different sites in online to know which roofing company is best in your location. Check their experience and the number of projects which they have completely successfully till now before hiring their roofing services. If you don’t have any idea about the slate roofing companies in Australia, then here is my recommendation.

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