So far as timing for ejaculation is concerned, often few myths are created by movies or media that a virile man can last hours during the sexual intercourse, and as a result, people started having unrealistic expectations about their ejaculation time.

There is no standard time so far as to how long can you hold your ejaculation is concerned. Most men may ejaculate within 5 to 10 minutes. Most women also get their orgasm within that time. Ideally, if a man can create orgasm of his partner before his ejaculation, then the sexual intercourse can be considered as successful.

Here in this article, we shall talk about a few different ways how to last longer in bed, particularly from a male’s perspective.

  1. With repeated withdrawal

This is one very common technique you can apply. The moment after the penetration, you start feeling that you are going to ejaculate, just withdraw and keep squeezing the tip of the penis until the ejaculation sensation goes away. Then again penetrate and repeat the same.

You may continue this till your partner has to orgasm, then you can simultaneously ejaculate.

  1. Using condom

By using a condom, you can reduce your sensation to some extent. As a result, it may take a little longer time for you to ejaculate. Quite possibly by that time, your partner may also have her orgasm, and then you too can ejaculate.

  1. Pelvic exercise

There are few pelvic exercises available that can not only help you to improve your erection, but also you may last a much longer time without having ejaculation. The results of pelvic exercises will begin to show after a month or so.

  1. Ejaculate during foreplay than sex in the next round

You may ejaculate either with yourself or during foreplay before penetration. Once you have ejaculated, then your next ejaculation will be delayed. So wait till you get hard again and go for the second round. In this way, your ejaculation will be delayed, and your partner will have her orgasm too.

  1. Bring partner near orgasm then penetrate

You can simulate orgasm to your partner first either by your figure or by the tongue. As soon as she almost nears to her orgasm, then you can penetrate her and can both of you simultaneously have an orgasm.

  1. Taking medication before sex

Nowadays, there are few medications also available that can delay your ejaculation and also improve your erection. You need to take these medications before going for sex, and usually, these medicines work after some time.

  1. Sex therapy

There are few sex therapies also available to treat the ejaculation problem. These therapies include certain exercises and counseling by doctors.

  1. By reducing excitement

Try to reduce your excitement before going for sex. Although in such cases you will end up doing penetration without being sufficiently aroused and your partner should understand enough and accept your problem.

Even though such type of sex may not be too exciting for both, but you can continue to remain together in bed for a long time.