Tired of looking at the same costumes every Halloween? Try something new! An 80’s themed costume party will be the best if you want to change your style. The ’80s was a unique time when big hair and neon fashion was a trend.

As of now, the 80’s style is trendy because of the series, Stranger Things, that made us even more interested in traveling back to that time. Be it Halloween or any other costume party with friends and family, it will be an appropriate and fun theme to pick. Even your grandparents would love to wear the cute 80’s fashion to go back in time and dress up like they used to.

Apart from brick-sized cell phones and great music, the dressing style in the ’80s was unique and colorful. There are many costumes you can pick like a Hollywood Scarlet pink dress and accessories like a big hair wig or a Rockin 80’s fanny pack. Finding a store that sells costumes from that time might not be easy offline but it might be easy to find a cute 80’s fashion faster online.

So, what are we waiting for? Get ready to go back to the ’80s. Pick up your neon skirt and loosen your socks to slay at the 80’s theme at the party. Worried about which outfit to choose? We got your back! Here are some interesting options from television shows that might inspire your Halloween costume this year.

Stranger Things Costume:

Today’s kids might not be familiar with shows from the ’80s, but might have binge-watched the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things. It might not be shot at that time, but will certainly help us in getting an idea of how colleges were in that period. You can also find your inspiration for perfect college outfits for your 80’s themed Halloween party.

It can inspire all men and women to find their costumes from Steve’s Scoops Ahoy uniform to Demogorgon costume for a scary look.

80’s Tracksuits:

The tracksuits from the ’80s can also give you a simple yet stylish outfit for your party. Just a colorful jacket and a printed pant made of a shiny fabric can make a perfect Halloween costume for you. Make sure you wear a neon headband to complete the look. You can also carry a Rockin 80’s fanny pack along with it.

You can also find jumper style tracksuits in different colors. It fits for both men and women. It is very comfortable and you will not have a wardrobe malfunction no matter how drunk you are.

Workout Costumes: 

Do you think only superheroes wear underwear on the outside? Well, a similar costume is an 80’s workout costume. Wear your funky printed tees and colorful tights and pair it with loose socks and thigh-high boots.

Carebears costume:

Sick of scary looks! Go for something cute and comfy. Carebear costumes will help you stay comfortable and warm all night. If you want to look fashionable, you can go for a dress that has a hoodie with bear ears. It suits everyone, from babies to adults.