Getting a body piercing done is a big decision. Different people have different opinions about getting a piercing done. For some it might be nerve-wrecking, while for others it might be a big thing to show off.

Cartilage piercing is the most happening thing these days. If you want to get one done, then you may have some questions about how to get it done the right way. Thus, in this article, we’ve briefly explained your journey through the cartilage piercing.

For ear cartilage piercing, you need to give some time for healing. You need to be careful even while sleeping in the first few days. Also, you need to choose the right jewellery that fits your ears and is suitable for workplace or school.

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Ear Helix Piercings

It is only you who can decide which type of helix piercing is the best for you and your life style. A renowned piercer suggests undergoing ear cartilage piercing types such as the rook, daith, and conch piercing, which are trendy and outstanding. The healing process is also not much troublesome after ear piercing. You can wear 1/4″ long stud to avoid much pressure on the hole.

  • Healing Time Of Helix Piercing
  • It takes 3-5 months for complete healing.
  • It looks completely healed from the outside, but needs time for it inside.
  • Never remove your earring directly until it is healed, so that you can avoid delay in healing.
  • Cleaning of cartilage piercing
  • Avoid alcohol or chemical products.
  • Wash it with soap water twice daily.
  • Don’t keep touching it too often and allow it to healing properly
  • Drink as much water as you can for first few days.
  • Issues with the pain
  • One can experience more pain when compared with lobe piercing.
  • A short-term pain is casual in any piercing. Mentally prepare for it.
  • Try to stay calm while getting the piercing done.
  • Compatible Metals
  • Avoid steel because most people are allergic to nickel.
  • Gold is an ideal metal, as it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
  • Also, you can go with titanium and platinum in different colours.

Once you get the helix piercing done, you are going to enjoy its benefits. You can wear different types of earrings to suit your style and occasion. However, make sure that you buy top quality earring. Make sure that you choose the metal wisely. Besides, not one size fits all, so also measure the size of the ring you need. Many online stores have size charts for their products, but if the one you’re buying from doesn’t have the option, you could easily Google it.