Roller shutters assure your safety from harsh weather and people who try to peep into your house. They enhance the aesthetics of your house. In exchange for so many benefits, you just have the responsibility of selecting the right shutter that can fit according to your requirement.

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Types of roller shutters

  • Interior roller shutters

These roller shutters are quite versatile. They are available in a great range of colors. They can enhance ventilation in your property. Your house will also stay protected from excess light.

  • Exterior roller shutters

They can aid in increasing the safety and security of your home and family. They seem more practical. Protection from bad weather is also something that can be added to its attributes.

  • Manual roller shutters

These shutters have to be operated manually. You need to open and close them by applying physical effort. These shutters are usually available at affordable prices and are therefore immensely popular. The major part of your maintenance amount will go in the process of oiling them.

  • Automatic roller shutters

These are expensive but can be used according to your convenience. You don’t need to operate them manually. They can be charged with the help of solar energy. Therefore, it helps you save electricity too. They demand a high price for their maintenance and require comparatively more time for installation.

  • Built-in roller shutters

They exhibit one of the best features, that is, the components of this shutter stay hidden when installed in doors and windows. Whenever you will open windows, the parts will disappear completely.

  • Built – on roller shutters

These shutters are visible after installation. They require minimal effort in installation but the rails are visible which leads to a reduction in aesthetics of your house. This is one of the major drawbacks of built-on roller shutters.

  • Aluminum roller shutters

These are considered as one of the best types of roller shutters. They are tough and assure extended durability. If you are concerned about safety issues, then they are the best choice for you. They are not prone to corrosion and are used widely.

They are designed to reduce noise and preserve energy. They are lightweight and can provide a secure environment for your house.

  • Transparent roller shutters

These shutters are also gaining popularity gradually. As the name suggests, they are designed to let you have access to visibility. They are fit to be installed in your homes without blocking your view outside. They are also helpful in decreasing the power consumption.

  • Integrated roller shutters

This shutter and the windows are merged during the process of installation to behave as a single unit and aid in safety and security.


Among such a wide range of shutters, you are free to choose any of these depending upon your budget, requirements, and quality preference. Make a good choice for long term benefits.