If you are in any kind of business then your reception area of the office will always make first impression of your visitors and clients and they will size you up based on type of furniture and furnishing items that you have kept.

The reception furniture as such always look not only just functional but also very attractive too. Besides office furniture design with practicality, the space available in the reception area also need to be maximized for ensuring comfort and mobility.

Following are few suggestions for furniture in your reception area:

1. Choose proper style of furniture

Your choice of furniture in the reception area must be impeccable and perfectly matching with the surrounding d├ęcor. There must be certain awe factor so that anyone who visits to your office get a very good first impression about your company.

The surrounding must be welcoming and people must feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as they enter in this area. There should be sufficient furniture to accommodate your visitors.

2. Ensure comfortable furniture

Make sure that furniture placed in the reception are quite comfortable and all the visitors can relax on the chairs while waiting for their appointment. You can prefer for modern or classic furniture, based on the appearance and feel of the office space.

Try to have in your reception area, few occasional tables like coffee tables or side tables, and keep few magazines or newspapers for your guests to keep them engaged while they are waiting.

3. Keep few lively plants

By adding few plants in your reception area, you can make the atmosphere lively. Make sure that plants are well maintained. Prefer to keep a small one on office reception desk or furniture.

You can also place them on small reception tables where you may add any larger plants at the corner areas to work as space filler. Healthy green plants can easily bring life and warmth to any office reception area.

4. Paste a company logo

It will be very important to place a company logo in the reception area, as your visitors will notice the first thing as soon as they make an entry into the office. You must suitably layout your office furniture to ensure that they can view the company logo and also various achievements and company policy etc.

During the short time they spend in the reception area should be able to give them lots of information about the company without saying much.

5. Hang a good art piece

You can also add certain piece of art that you can either hang on the walls or keep it strategically, so that guests can appreciate the piece of art while sitting in reception area and keep them engaged. Sometimes people also hang TV where news may continue so that your guests may remain engaged.

6. Add coffee machine or water cooler

There must be water cooler and coffee machine available near reception area, so that you may offer your guests when they are waiting there. This is a very simple way to make your reception area to feel inviting and also comfortable.