The origin of chillum was from India and its name chillum is also an Indian word. It was found in few places of South America too. So, it is little difficult to say where it first originated. Traditionally, chillum has been used as a religious item in India.

Few holy Indian saints and holy men used to smoke chillums for many years, and its spiritual meaning can always be compared with drinking red wine by the Catholic Christians. Chillum was perhaps introduced to India when people started smoking opium and few other narcotics.

However, chillum smoking was always considered as only pastime of males and it was mainly used in northern states and particularly in rural India. Quite often a same chillum was shared by group of people while there were in social gathering.

Chillum came to European countries during hippie movement that started during the sixties of last century and it was popularized in the USA and Europe.

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Few benefits of using chillum

Following are few of the uses and benefits of chillum which is quite popular device among the stoners these days.

  • They are quite discreet
  • For any group sessions people like to use chillum
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to pack
  • Chillums are quite inexpensive
  • Perfect choice for roaches

How chillum makes its effect?

Effect of chillum will be directly proportional to its size.  Although small chillum can bring directly hot smoke into your mouth but in larger chillum, smoke will cool off and as a result the smoke amount will also increase too. More smoke you will inhale, the effect will also be much stronger.

Any typical chillum mix will consist of the following:

  • Tobacco used in one cigarette between half to whole one
  • Hash of 0.5 to 1.5 grams

Firstly, you have to heat your cigarette by using a lighter until your tobacco is crumbly and dry. Generally, all ready-made cigarettes are sufficiently crumbly. Powder your tobacco into the hand, or in a mixing bowl. Add the flake and hash and mix them together in between your fingertips.

With this you can produce fine mix, which will be transferred in your chillum bowl where one small stone will hold against it.

After that, you can put filter over your chillum’s mouthpiece and now you can start smoking it. You need to be careful that your mouth should not contact with tar-covered Safi. You can take couple of puffs to heat it, then it will be followed by deep lungful inhale. Try to keep your smoke into your lungs for as much time you can enjoy its maximum effect.

You must clean your chillum after smoking. Just pass a string or strip of cloth through the chillum to run it repeatedly up and down in order to clean the chillum thoroughly.