You can surely make your product more interesting and eye-catching by designing your product labels creatively so that it can immediately catch the attention of people when they find it in a store. Many professional companies are also engaged in providing such a design service.

You can also pick many items manufactured by Custom Earth Promos, which is created by recycling various materials and create your printed bottles with logo for your marketing promotion purposes.

Now let us focus our minds and know how to create a proper label design on any type of products that you are dealing with.

  • Know about the product

Before you decide anything about label design, first of all, you must know for what kind of product you are trying to design your label. Certainly, a label that is suitable for a beer bottle will not suit a product like any food item.

Choose a label that can sustain within the product in whatever condition the product will be handled or stored.

  • Understand the quantity needs

If the quantity of your product is not on a mass scale basis then the cost of each label will tend to high and vice versa. So, it is important to know the quantity needs of these product labels so that you can design it cost-effectively.

For example, you may choose to print the label by using an inkjet printer and later learn that by using a laser printer you could print easily for increased volume demand.

  • Choose the right shape and size

There are many ways you can create the shape and size of the label, which should be matching with the shape and size of your product. Some particular shapes can match very well with a certain product but may look very odd with some other product.

  • Choose the right material

Nowadays many different materials can be chosen for designing a suitable label for any product. If you are going to use a label for a certain product like an oil bottle or any refrigerated product, then you will prefer a material, which is something waterproof or should be resistant to the surrounding climate for its life, where the product will be mainly used for.

  • Utilize free resources

Nowadays, you can find plenty of resources for designing labels that are available on the internet where you can find templates meant for stickers. You can also use Photoshop software and edit a few available templates to make it unique and attractive.

This will help you to make a creative design by using a much-limited resource and you can remain within your budget.

  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

Most of you must be having training and knowledge of using various design software and tools that are used for creating a very special stylish design that can be eye-catching too. You may try to design something very close to your heart. Avoid reinventing the wheel, but make it unique.

You can also find a few design elements that can be very common among most labels for certain types of products. You can also improve upon them.