This is your first day of the class, and you are all nervous. This happens with everyone as we are not sure of what will happen in the first place. So, the only thing you can do is to make sure that you prepare your mind well. Things will not be easier, but your mind can make things easier for you to pick up everything. Just be confident and get behind the wheel.

Here are some tips for your first day of driving lessons:

  1. Have a good night’s sleep and do not drink a night before the big day. Ensure that you have taken enough rest.
  2. Have a healthy breakfast and ensure you are on time for your pick-up. Double-check the timings and all so that you do not get late and then panic.
  3. Always take a bottle of water for your break. Wear comfy clothes and shoes so that does not disturb you and break your concentration.
  4. Wear your glasses or carry them if you feel you will need them for classes.
  5. Carry your cheques or cash for your lessons and also your provisional license.

On the first day, do not expect that you will be seated in the driver’s seat. You will be made to sit on the passenger seat initially so that he helps you understand all the controls and manoeuvres of the car and then shift you to the driver seat.

Your initial training will start with the cockpit drill. This is something that you need to remember every time you enter the car:

  1. Doors are properly closed?
  2. Your seat is in a comfortable position to drive
  3. Wear your seatbelts. Adjust your mirror and ensure your steering is positioned well.

The next thing he will do is to make you go through all the controls of your car. He will run you through the clutch, accelerator, and brakes. These 3 are the first most important thing to learn and remember. If you miss any of them, then your drive would be a mess.

The next controls would be the hand brake and an accelerator. He will show you how to change the gears too. It will all be confusing on the first day, but the more you use them, the early you would be able to become an expert with them. Here the best instructor can help you learn all these things patiently. However, you need to find a good one for yourself. One such driving school in Australia, Bundaroo is Passfirstgo can provide you with the best training instructors. These are well-known for their driving lessons in Bundaroo, where new drivers turn out to be confident and well-trained.

Once you are out on the road, then you will be shown the importance of every control. Focus on your learning rather than being scared. There is nothing to worry about. Your first driving class will be on a lonely road where there are no traffics or many people. So, focus on the roads more and your controls. Once you are done with the day, your instructor will help you with the feedback for the day. Work on it and start your next class well.