Many of you must have used a product like CBD tinctures that usually contain almost no THC. CBD is nowadays very popular and of course, there are a few good reasons too for its popularity. CBD can treat many different health issues and also manage your anxiety and tremors.

Most CBD oil tinctures that you will get in the market will not be psychoactive as they contain a negligible amount of THC. Therefore, they will be an excellent alternative to any other prescription medicines that are addictive and also have several side effects.

You can find many people who talk very highly about the benefits of CBD products as they could get very good relief from many of their ailments. CBD nowadays does not have any stigma that was attached to marijuana. Most of the states in the USA have made their use legal.

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Here we are providing you a recipe to prepare your own CBD tincture.

How to prepare cannabis tinctures

Preparing a CBD  tincture can be a great DIY project for you. You can always prepare a tincture with the help of a jar, strainer, alcohol, and cannabis.

Should you prefer using alcohol or glycerin for tinctures?

While making a tincture, any high-proof, food-grade alcohol will be the best ingredient to choose. However, if you want to avoid the use of alcohol, then glycerin can be the best alternate. However, glycerin may not be as efficient to bond with cannabis compounds. Hence you may end up with a less potent tincture.

So to make a potent tincture by using glycerin, first, you prepare it by using alcohol and then evaporate alcohol very carefully. Thereafter you can introduce glycerine to it.

Choosing the proper alcohol for tinctures

Your first aim is to look for high-proof alcohol, which will be safe for your consumption. If the alcohol content is higher then it can dissolve cannabis resin better. Products like isopropyl alcohol should be avoided as they are not for consumption.

Making the tincture

If you want to keep it simple, prefer to use this kind of ratio while preparing your tincture. Use one bottle of alcohol-containing 750 mL for cannabis flower of one ounce.

This will produce a very mild effect, and also will be great for micro-dosing. If you like a little more potent tincture, then reduce the alcohol mount a third till you reach your desired potency level.

  • Step 1: First, you must decarboxylate the cannabis flower or try to concentrate if you are using the flower. Try to grind it to a very fine consistency.
  • Step 2: Now mix the cannabis flower or concentrate within a mason jar along with high-proof alcohol.
  • Step 3: Close the jar, allow it to sit for at least a few weeks, and shake it 1 time a day.
  • Step 4: Strain it through any coffee filter after a few weeks.

In case, you cannot wait for several weeks, then you can also get away by shaking it for at least three minutes of straining, and then store it.