The door mats placed at the entrance of your home or office will be noticed by your visitors while they walk into your premises. Putting your company logo on your mat can also help you to promote your brand to some extent.

So, you can use your entrance doormats for a dual function:

  • To improve building cleanliness and safety
  • Reinforcing your brand presence

For any well-managed commercial building, entrance matting will be a necessity then why not take maximum advantage of the blank canvas of your floor mat to put your message across? Ultimate Mats can offer you many different designs and styles of doormats.

These doormats are available in many different materials and they also may have a different range of life. To offer a good impression to your visitor, you need to ensure that your doormats are in reasonably good and presentable shape. However, you must replace them with a new one when you notice that their condition is deteriorating.

So, look for the following few signs before you decide to get them replaced.

  1. Give a hard look after one year of use

When your mat turns one year old then look for any aging signs in your mat. Most rubber/foam mats last a minimum of one year. However, if its usage is not too frequent then it can last longer.

  1. Whenever you notice the first fading sign

In case, you notice the color of the print on the mats has started fading then it is a potential sign of wear. Not necessarily that they are useless, but any faded color of the entrance doormat will carry a poor impression.

  1. When the edges start to curl

One more sign of overuse of your mat is curling all around the edges. This minor flaw will make your floor appear less than stellar, and also they can pose a danger of falls and trips.

  1. When they are difficult to clean

Usually, mats require weekly vacuuming and also pressure treatment after some time. When you notice reliable regular cleaning is taking a long time then it will become difficult to clean dirt.

  1. When they are trapping more dirt underneath

When you notice more and more dirt underneath your mat after regular cleaning too, then your mats are not efficient enough to trap dirt and are of no use for the function they are meant for.

  1. When they start becoming slippery

A slippery mat means the rubber backing is gradually chipping away, which can make your mat more hazardous too.

  1. When the anti-fatigue mats turn too uncomfortable

These anti-fatigue mats are meant for offering comfort to people who may be working for long hours on their feet. When it is no longer comfortable then it is of no use.

You should not delay for too long to replace the floor mats after you notice any sign of wearing. You need to protect yourself and also your guests from any risks of getting slipped accidentally.