These days, there are various options to sell a home, such as working with a realtor, selling it through auction, or yourself. Each one comes with advantages and disadvantages. Due to this reason, homeowners often get confused while choosing an option.

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In this article, you can learn a few differences between private sale and auction that help you to choose the best tactic for selling your house at a fair price depending on your needs.

Auction process

It is a multi-stage process. Many people consider an auction as the best alternative to other options. It is because, in the auction, you can sell the property fast and also peacefully. Usually, it will start when the owner seeks help from the Auction Company. Firstly, they will analyze the property condition to make sure whether it is the right fit or not.

Interested buyers will submit their offers online or on-site, and you can sell the house to the person who bids the highest price. As a seller, you can hold back the house if the price is too low compared to the fixed price. You can even take advice from the auction professional to make the right decision. The main benefit of choosing an auction is, you can sell your house as-is. That is, the buyer will not ask you to do the repair work.


  • Simple process
  • Fast timeline less than or equal to 30 days
  • Buyers will compete for the house
  • Gets a true value for your property
  • The buyer will pay the agent commission


  • The seller has to participate in the marketing
  • Few buyers assume auction is only for distressed assets
  • Auction may have a disgrace
  • Few times the highest bidding may not meet the seller expectation

Selling house yourself

The process of selling the property yourself is referred to as “FSBO” (for sale by owner). If you have good knowledge of real estate contracts, experience in marketing, and enough time selling yourself is the best option.


  • Discreet sale
  • No commission
  • Everything will be in your control


  • You may not get a fair price for the property
  • Limited pool of buyers
  • The complexity of paperwork and requirements
  • Buyers will negotiate asking terms and price

Selling a home through a realtor

It is the common approach that helps in promoting and marketing until you sell it or the agreement expires. The buyers will submit their offers, and the homeowners can choose to negotiate. These offers will depend on different factors, and you have to do extra work or cover extra expenses.


  • Agents support, guides, and works with you
  • Helps to promote your property
  • Agents are aware of the stuff


  • Not all the agents are the same
  • High competition

If you don’t have enough time or want to get the best deal, selling through a realtor is the best option. Choose the best real estate company that offers high-quality services and contact you today to achieve your goal.