Women also participate in contributing to the economy and GDP as men. But the women trade skills are untapped resources with lesser opportunities for women. A skilled tradesperson has specialized knowledge about any particular skill. Further, women overtook the jobs since World War II, and they have beaten men by so many numbers. Women make up almost half of the workforce in the US.

Visit Trade School Careers to get the list of best-skilled trades for women. Further, the online courses are available at flexible timings for students. They have to pick up the course from the college and start doing it. Women are taking up trade skills more than men in the present times.

Why are women’s trade skills excellent careers for women?

Skilled trades turn out to be an excellent career choice for women. All the employers are looking for highly skilled men. When women learn those skills, they can equally fill up positions with men.

  • No need for more schooling

The time it takes for schooling is sometimes not very convenient for women. Likewise, there are career paths with less schooling required. The skilled trades pay more significant salaries and don’t require a 4-year degree from any university. Also, there is less loan repayment burden on the women when there is a shorter education term.

  • Providing job security

Trade skills will always be in demand. These are the skills that help the sector to develop. Further, it helps in building the foundation of modern architecture.

  • Providing upward mobility

With skilled trades, there are high chances of going in upward mobility. There is also enough room for the improvement of women. With lesser education also, you can earn six figures salary a month.

How can women enter the trade skills paths?

While pursuing a trade skill, do you want to be an employee or be an entrepreneur is what you should think first.

  • Employees

The Government may require so many employees to either go for vocational training or hands-training. Likewise, the company will pay the women for doing all the trade-skill jobs. Although the salary might not be glamorous at first, it will go higher in the future.

  • Entrepreneurs

The skilled tradeswomen make prominent figures by being entrepreneurs and appointing people to do work. Further, when choosing to do business, women can control how many employees they want. Also, they control how much time they will spend with the business.

Best trade careers for women

  • Construction Management

The construction manager deals with following the building codes and procedures. Also, they apply for sustainable design with green building practices.

  • Electrical Technician

There are diploma programs for being an electrical technician with the necessary training. They deal with reading the blueprints and applying all the electrical knowledge. Also, They are known to perform electronic repairs.

  • Welder

It is yet another high skilled job growth in the markets for women. Some of the works include fabricating, monitor the overheating, maintaining welding equipment properly, etc.


There is a shortage of skilled tradeswomen. More companies should be hiring them because women can work at par with men.