NYC is only a few cities in the US that provide for personal income tax. The New York City Income tax rates are calculated and paid on the income tax return. Further, people living in New York end paying more personal taxes than those in other cities.

There are no New York City Tax Deductions, but the city does offer credits on its own, separate from all other cities.

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Who must pay for taxes in New York City?

If you are wondering who must pay New York city income tax? Every individual living in NYC has to pay taxes. Further, they have to pay the city’s taxes quickly. All the taxpayers who live in New York for part of the year calculate the taxes based on the days they have resided.

All the New York City government employees hired just on or after Jan 4, 1973, have to pay the taxes even if they decide not to live in the city anymore. The city tax is also in addition to any income that you can own to the state of New York.

Income tax rates of New York city

New York City Income Tax comes in four brackets, starting from 3.078% to 3.876%. Likewise, the rates can differ depending on the filing status. The rates apply lowest to the singles and married payers. Their income has to be $12,000 in 2020. If they are married and have joint accounts, the revenues come up to $21,600.

New York Income Tax deductions

The deductions are based on the New York State Taxable income. Likewise, it will be the gross income less than the deductions that you claim. There are no such tax deductions for New York City Income tax.

NYC Income Tax Credits

New York City income tax credits refer to the amount of tax that you owe. It comes directly from the liability of taxable income. Further, some of the credits are refundable in a portion of a tax credit. The leftover after reducing the tax liability is zero.

  • The NYC Income Earned Credit

It is equal to 30% of the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit cut back by NYC households. All the entire time and part-time residents can avail this credit.

  • The NYC School tax credit

It is available to New York residents who are not dependents on another federal income taxpayer. Besides, you can take the refundable credit of $125 if you are married and earn $25,000 or less. No tax credit is allowed to people earning more than $25,000.

  • NYC Household Credit

You will find quality if you are dependent on another taxpayer for tax purposes. The credit income can be anything around $15 to $30. There can be an additional benefit of $10 to $30.


You can file the return in form NYC 1127 and either mail or e-file it. Paying taxes is so important and is the right of all individuals. Pay all the taxes on time.