The Bed 2 Go latex hybrid mattress is the finest mattress option if you want a high-quality, comfy latex mattress that will help you to sleep better than you ever imagined possible. The Bed 2 Go mattress brand prioritizes how we can build the greatest mattress for our clients. The ultimate aim is maximum comfort. A high-quality, comfy mattress will enhance the entire quality of your life and make you much more calm and joyful, which means you’ll wake up with less stiffness and discomfort.

Benefits of a natural latex mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, the most important factor to consider is comfort. The Bed 2 Go latex mattress properly balances your weight when sleeping and gives the maximum comfort you want for a good night’s sleep. Because of its extremely elastic qualities, the bed 2 go latex mattress is unique in its capacity to create a resting surface that can softly support whatever sleeping position you select.

Components are all-natural

The Bed 2 Go latex mattress is constructed entirely of natural latex, with no synthetics or mixes and no chemicals. It gives your body cushioning support and amazing pressure alleviation. When compared to a synthetic latex or memory foam mattress, natural latex mattresses are far more responsive and hence feel much more comfortable. Natural latex is also the healthiest sleeping surface since it is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and resistant to organisms such as dust mites.

You won’t be exposed to any dangerous chemicals, which might include extra fillers, additives, or off-gassing that are often found in other low-quality, synthetic latex, and memory foam mattresses. These extra components are often known to create a variety of health difficulties in individuals, particularly those who have allergies or are chemically sensitive. The Bed 2 Go latex mattress is an excellent option if you are sensitive to chemicals, have allergies, or just want to do your bit to keep our world safe and clean.

Hybrid mattress = surprisingly cheap

Bed 2 Go latex mattresses are produced with a blend of 100 percent natural latex and quality, fabric-encased pocketed coils, making them less costly than a mattress made entirely of natural latex. However, this does not imply that it is less efficient. In reality, hybrid mattresses provide the ideal balance of comfort and support, which is why they are becoming more popular. Bed 2 Go latex mattresses are handcrafted in-house and delivered straight to your door. You’ll be astonished at how inexpensive bed 2 go latex mattresses are.

Coils and natural latex make a fantastic sleep surface

One of the many reasons customers pick the bed 2 go latex mattress is a great support it provides when sleeping. Because it is manufactured of fabric-encased coils, the mattress is very responsive to any sleeping position, giving you the ultimate comfort that only a high-quality latex mattress can provide. The coils’ design also ensures that you and your sleeping companion do not disturb each other while sleeping, ensuring a nice night’s sleep for both of you. The coil design enables edge-to-edge comfort, enabling you to sleep comfortably wherever on the mattress.

Where do latex mattresses come from?

There are two techniques for producing latex mattresses, both of which use sap from rubber plants. The Dunlop method entails extracting the sap, beating it until it reaches the consistency of foam, putting it into a specially prepared mould, then baking it to keep its form.